MD Christmas Appeal South Sudan 2018

Hon Meat Zoal (3) is screened for Severe Acute Malnutrition in one of Concern's nutrition centres in Bentiu PoC. Photo: Steve De Neef / Concern Worldwide.

South Sudan Christmas Appeal

Hon's story

Right now in South Sudan, too many children, like Hon pictured above are suffering from extreme hunger. He and his family fled from their home when conflict broke out and have been living in Bentiu Protection of Civilians camps for three years. 

An aerial view of the PoC in Bentiu where about 120,000 people have fled due to ongoing conflict. Photo: Steve De Neef / Concern Worldwide.

Due to poor harvests, no livestock, and insecurity, families like Hons are facing severe food shortages. A staggering 59% of South Sudan’s population do not have enough food to eat.

As a result, Hon was recently identified as severely malnourished and immediately admitted to one of our nutrition centres. Thankfully, after just four weeks, he is showing signs of a full recovery. 

We need your help

None of this is possible without your support and our teams are working tirelessly to ensure more families and children have a healthier future. This Christmas season, please help us to help more children like Hon.

Could train 5 community volunteers to identify the early signs of malnutrition among children
Could provide one month’s supply of therapeutic food for malnourished pregnant and nursing mothers
Could provide one month’s supply of emergency food to 200 malnourished children