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All the latest updates on our charity work from around the world.

The noble honey bee does so much. They provide us with delicious honey, their honeycomb can be used for candles and their beeswax is often found in many cosmetics products. Most important of all they are crucial to the pollination process.

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The 20,000 people living in Grand ravine, Haiti came here after losing their homes in the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. It is one of the poorest and most vulnerable neighborhoods in the capital of Port-au-Prince and is at extreme risk of flooding and landslides. 

In January 2010, Haiti was shaken violently by a massive earthquake. Hundreds of thousands of people were killed or injured and over 1.5 million were left homeless. Now, thanks to our supporters, thousands of these families have been able to return home. 

Concern Worldwide’s CEO, Dominic MacSorley, explores the recent innovations within climate smart agriculture in the second part of this two-part blog post

More than 1.5 million people have been displaced by conflict in South Sudan, amid a worsening food crisis. More than 3.8 million are in need of urgent assistance, including those who have fled to neighbouring countries. Concern Worldwide is responding. You can help.