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16 days of activism for women and girls

One in three women have experienced abuse, violence and rape during their life time.

16 Days of Activism - our charity campaign

In parts of the developing world, where Concern Worldwide works, the number of women affected is as high as seven in every 10.

16 days of activism 

The 16 Days campaign is an international movement aimed at breaking the silence around violence against women and girls. Since it was established in 1991, more than 4,100 groups in 172 countries have worked to highlight the issue. 

The campaign runs for 16 days from 25 November to 10 December, marking the following dates: 

  • November 25: United Nations day opposing violence against women
  • November 29: International women human rights defenders day 
  • December 1: World AIDS day 
  • December 10: Human rights day  

Our role

One of the major goals of the campaign is to pressure governments into eliminating human rights abuses and violence against women. It does this by bringing hope to those affected and holding the perpetrators of abuse to account 

16 days in Haiti

In Haiti, systems have been established in camps for 16 women’s groups to help women and girls report abuse. We support victims of violence and provide trainings on human rights issues. Watch the below video of Katty Jean reciting a poem as part of our 16 days campaign in Haiti last year.

Work in schools

Early marriage, sexual harassment, pregnancy, HIV and AIDS and transactional sex have a devastating effect on young girls. In school, violence against children limits their right to an education. It results in poor performance and attendance, higher drop-out rates and low self-esteem. Many of our education programmes address violence in schools and within the community. Read more about this work in the in-depth section below.

In depth

All of the reports below are PDF files: