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Additional grant from Accenture

Today, Accenture announced that the Accenture Foundations has awarded Concern Worldwide an additional grant of US $3.25 million, continuing its funding of conservation farming programmes in Zambia and Malawi
Doris Malinga showing Concern and Accenture her plot of land which she farmed using the conservation agriculture method, Dwerog Field, Kabudula, Lilongwe District, Malawi. Jennifer O'Gorman/Malawi May 2012.

Building on our success

We are delighted that Accenture has given us further funding to equip farmers with agricultural and management skills in Zambia and Malawi. It will build on the success of our work in conservation agriculture, which was also funded by Accenture. The latest grant brings Accenture’s direct support of us to more than $4.75 million since 2010.

Sustainable farming

This three-year grant will enable us to further develop our skills training programme, which educates communities in sustainable farming practices. It will help increase the income of more than 12,100 farmers. Since 2010, approximately 6,400 farmers have completed the training programme.

Corporate responsibility

The award is part of Accenture’s global corporate citizenship initiative called “Skills to Succeed.” This scheme plans to equip 500,000 people around the world with the skills they need to get a job or build a business by 2015.

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