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Afghanistan: getting through the winter

Last winter, communities in Afghanistan suffered greatly because of the harsh weather conditions.

Heavy snowfall in Takhar Province followed by flash flooding resulted in homes and livelihoods being destroyed. Concern Worldwide is helping communities to cope this winter.

Emergency response

Our emergency response programme in Takhar, which is part-funded by Irish Aid, is focusing on repairing the damage that was done during last year’s flood. We’re also preparing communities for the coming winter and potential weather disasters.

Essential supplies

Without heat and proper clothing, hypothermia is a major risk to people living in Takhar, so we’re distributing essential supplies to get people through the winter. 

Providing safe water and sanitation 

We are providing safe water for the people of Khailan who were forced to relocate due to the floods. We are also building water and sanitation facilities in the women’s detention centre in Taloqan and hygiene kits and health education in Chab-ab, Chall and Taloqan.    

Building flood defences 

We are repairing the bridge that was washed away in Chall, paying women to weave nets that will work as a flood defence system for Rustaq and enabling 35,000 people to access water from canals and protect the homes of 540 people from flood waters. We are paying people like Abdullah to help build flood defences near their homes. He said:

I am very happy that Concern started these emergency activities in our villages.

Educating communities about risks

However, infrastructure and supplies can only do so much. We also focus on teaching communities about the areas most at risk of avalanches and flooding so that they do not build homes or plant crops there.