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Africa Day!

I’ve never been to Africa, but you don’t have to have been there to celebrate Africa Day!

Most of what you hear about Africa is its hardships: poverty, hunger, HIV and AIDS and lack of education. But, there’s been a mass stereotyping of the continent and its people: I myself am sometimes even guilty of it. So, let’s set the record straight about Africa once and for all.

There are 57 countries in Africa and approximately one billion people. Each country has a unique diverse culture and society. It’s like us saying that Europe is in a dire economic crisis when in fact it’s really ourselves and Greece, isn’t it? 

Rich in culture

What we never seem to hear about is Africa’s rich culture. Most of us know that Africa is the second largest continent on earth. Not surprisingly for such a huge land mass, it is home to an incredible variety of climates, cultures, animals and plants. 

Improved lives

We at Concern are celebrating the vast improvements to the lives of people in Africa on Africa Day with a series of events this year. We hope that you’ll be able to join us for some or all of them. 

Making kites

Firstly, there’ll be kite-making workshops at Africa Centre’s Mini World Cup Tournament on 21 May in Old Belvedere Rugby Club, Donnybrook from 11am – 5pm. Children will decorate their kites with Africa in mind and fly the kites in the park. This will be fun for all the family and a great opportunity to meet communities from all over Africa.

Celebrating Africa

Secondly, new TDs are invited to an evening of Celebrating Africa in Buswell’s Hotel at 6.30pm on the eve of Africa Day, 24 May. 

Join the dance

Finally, on Africa Day, 25 May, Concern and the Moribo Wa Afrika Musical Dance Group will take to the streets of Dublin with a not-so-flash mob dance! Wait until you see this dance group in action! And the great thing is you can join in too. The first dance takes place at the intersection of Grafton Street and South King Street at 1pm, followed by Powerscourt Centre, South William Street, at 2pm and the Spire on O’Connell Street at 3.30pm.

My dream

It is my dream to make it to Africa one day. But I know I can help improve the lives of African people much more here in Ireland through raising awareness, educating and campaigning. This is the best thing you can do too. Happy Africa Day, everyone!