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All good things come to an end!

Sadly, your summer holidays are almost over. But don’t worry, Concern has lots of fun opportunities for you to hide from the books and get involved with us during the coming school year.

World knowledge

Show off your world knowledge – participate in the Know Your World Quiz which is going nationwide. Rounds include general knowledge, sport, music and culture.

Get campaigning!

Join one of our campaigns. Watch out for upcoming events with the Stop Child Labour Campaign, the Global Campaign for Education and the Stop Climate Chaos campaign.

The Stop Child Labour Campaign will be running a campaigning academy this year for more information contact Lizzy at [email protected].

Debate it

Have your say, sign up for the Concern Debates, and be in with the chance to visit a Concern Programme overseas. Here is how 2008 final went.

Writing competition

Be creative – if you enjoy writing, enter the creative writing competition which is open to students in the US, the UK and Ireland. Last year’s competition was a great success. This year’s details will be coming soon.

School speaker

Invite one of the Concern school speakers to your school for a school visit or workshop on global issues or the Concern Debates. 

Better books

Check out the new Concern resources on Child Labour, World Hunger and Climate Change (ok, sorry they re books but they are much more interesting than your school books). Contact for details.


Show your Concern and join our Christmas Fast on 4 December and help raise funds for Concern. All the details for the 2008 fast will be online in the coming weeks.