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Banking deeds for Concern

Let the karma begin... At no cost to you whatsoever, you can help make up to €50,000 for Concern Worldwide’s work in Sierra Leone. All it takes is a simple random act of kindness over the coming week.

Share with friends

Remember the good deed you choose is limited only by your imagination. It could be making tea for someone you love, taking out the rubbish, cleaning the dishes or even doing the shopping. We’re asking you to do something nice for someone and share that deed on Electric Ireland’s Powering Kindness page. Best of all, there is no limit to how many deeds you can bank or how many people you tell!

Bank for Concern

The more deeds that get banked for Concern, the more money Electric Ireland will donate to our health, education and livelihoods work in Sierra Leone. With your help, we can raise much needed funds to support people living in extreme poverty and provide them with the resources they need to lift themselves out of poverty. 

Do it now

Powering kindness runs from 17 to 23 of November. That’s just one week to tell your friends, bank your deeds and help the poorest people in Sierra Leone to transform their lives.