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Building a better future for farmers

Concern Worldwide works with farmers in Tanzania to improve agricultural practices so that families can increase their yields.

Our farmer field schools serve as training centres for better production techniques.

Farmer field schools

These schools are learning plots, established by farmers we have trained, for teaching others. The community uses these field schools as training plots, so that traditional famers – who are unfamiliar with modern techniques – can test new methods and see the results.

Improved practices

Safi Ramadan, a widow with 10 children, is one of the farmers we are helping. She lives in Karago village in the rural district of Kigoma where we provide hands-on training in: 

  • Seed spacing 
  • Weeding 
  • Land cultivation 
  • Methods to enhance soil fertility 

Last year, we distributed quality seeds through the farmer field school and taught her how to take care of poultry and goats.

Record yields

As a result of the training she received, Safi harvested 10 bags of maize last year – the highest yield ever produced out of her small plot. She sold half of the maize and bought a café with the profits. Safi now employs two people, including one of her daughters. She said: 

Of my three businesses, the café is the highest earner, then maize farming and goat rearing.

Investing in the future

Our charity work in Tanzania is aimed at securing access to food for the poor and helping them earn enough income to support their families. Thanks to your support, farmers like Safi are able to invest in the future so that they and their families can lead prosperous lives without our ongoing support.