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Concern gets ready to fast

We’re getting ready for our annual fundraiser: the Concern Fast. 

Update: we're fasting again this year. You can sign up too. Here's one of our favourite Fast blog posts from the archive. And here's our favourite Fast video. Enjoy!

Why fast?

The Fast is a great way to help some of the poorest countries which have been affected by terrible food crises this year. We’re hoping for a record number of fasters.

Every year 2.7 million children die from malnutrition. With your help, we can provide life-saving food and treatment to children like Ali. He might not have survived without your support.

What’s involved

Thousands of people will be going without food for 24 hours. They’ll be asking as many people as they can to sponsor them. Some people will be fasting by themselves and others will team up with friends, co-workers and classmates. By joining them, you’ll be changing the lives of starving children across the world.

How to join the Fast

You can sign up to the Fast through our Facebook page or through the Fast website. Once signed up, you can create your own fast profile page to show others what you’re up to.  Then, it’s down to the fun stuff: organise your own event (look at these ideas if you’re stuck) and ask the people you know to support you. Let us know how you get on!