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Concern joins European Development Days

Last month, Concern Worldwide took part in this year’s European Development Days (EDD) in Brussels. The event brought together people and charity organisations from all over the world to discuss and share what’s happening in the development community.

Solving malnutrition

This year, development professionals came together in their thousands to meet and share ideas. Concern’s CEO Tom Arnold was on the panel for one of the discussions: “Resilience: the Nutrition Dimension”, where he spoke about solving the complex problem of malnutrition.   


The panellists all agreed on three key issues:

  • The importance of the international community acting now, rather than later, on the issue of nutrition
  • There are some proven, low cost ways to solve the problem of undernourishment
  • Action needs to be taken on a global level, with different sectors and organisations working together

Speaking at the panel, Tom said:

Nutrition is a complex problem, but we must also be careful not to make it more complex. There must be a political framework to provide structure and inject resources into it.

Focus on women

The members also said it was important to focus on women in nutrition projects. Women are responsible for feeding most of the world’s children, and can often be the last to benefit from food programmes.

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