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Conflict in Sudan

Thousands of people are at risk on the border of South Sudan and the Republic of Sudan because of increasing conflict. Concern Worldwide is working in both countries to help these communities, providing supplies, food and access to water.

Increased suffering

Paul O’Brien, Concern’s overseas director, has just returned from the region: 

We are worried about the scale of the problem along the border areas of Sudan and South Sudan. Thousands of people are being forced to flee the conflict and it is exposing very vulnerable communities to unnecessary suffering and harm.

Our work in South Sudan

In two counties in Northern Bahr el Ghazal State, in South Sudan, we are providing displaced people with blankets, cooking equipment and jerry cans. We’re also taking a long-term view by improving health services and helping people establish sustainable livelihoods. As well as displaced people, we’re also helping the communities that are now hosting them. 

Our work in Sudan 

In the State of South Kordofan, we’re working with local partners to ensure people have access to clean water and supplies. Paul O’Brien explained: 

Our priority is to meet the needs of those affected with supplies, along with access to basic health and nutrition services. We urge both sides to come to an agreement for the sake of the thousands of innocent men, women and children who are caught up in the conflict with little access to food, clean water or emergency medical care.

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