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Downing Street hunger meeting

I have accepted an invitation from British Prime Minister David Cameron to attend an event to discuss the issue of global hunger.

This hugely significant event will take place in Downing Street on the last day of the London 2012 Olympics on 12 August.

Update: I recently wrote an article for the Global Food for Thought blog on the importance of this meeting and its context. Read more.

Building momentum 

The meeting is intended to galvanise political momentum and strengthen global efforts to reduce hunger and undernutrition. Both of these are a major problem in the world’s poorest countries, affecting 171 million children. 


The event will bring together heads of state, members of the private sector and international organisations like Concern. 

1,000 days 

My focus will be on Concern and Irish Aid’s expertise in, and prioritisation of, the issue of child undernutrition. Millions of children in the developing world are both physically and mentally stunted due to undernutrition, from which they cannot recover. 

Setting agenda

Ireland is widely recognised as a world leader in combating hunger. This manifests itself in many ways; chief among them is working behind the scenes to keep this issue on the international political agenda.

Sign our petition

If we, the attendees of the meeting, can generate further political momentum, it will be a very positive outcome for all concerned.

But we're not the only people who can do something. You too can have your say. Sign our petition to keep pressure on political leaders, especially Prime Minister David Cameron, to end world hunger: