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DR Congo: escalating crisis

Thousands of people in the Democratic Republic of Congo have been forced to flee their homes due to conflict. 

The rapidly escalating fighting has put the country on the brink of a large-scale humanitarian crisis. Concern Worldwide is responding.

Update: we will be distributing essential survival supplies to families in North Kivu. These supplies include water containers, kitchen sets, soap, blankets and plastic sheets. This will enable families to continue to cook meals, collect water, shelter from the rain, remain clean and keep themselves healthy during their displacement. 

Abuse of human rights

Displacement is not the only form of suffering being inflicted on people. Disturbing levels of human rights abuses are taking place. Congolese civilians are being subjected to violent abuse on a massive scale, including rape, kidnap and murder.

Concern Worldwide’s overseas director, Paul O’Brien, witnessed the severity of the situation firsthand. In his article, published on AlertNet, he wrote:

Last week, I saw a whole valley burn. From one village to the next, houses were systematically sent up in flames. From across the valley we heard gunshots and rocket propelled grenades for two successive days and nights. We watched in horror as entire families were forced to flee, their homes and their livelihoods destroyed. I was in Masisi, in the North Kivu province of the Democratic Republic of Congo and what I witnessed there was very clearly the deliberate targeting of civilians by armed groups.

Sunday Herald

The Sunday Herald in Glasgow has launched an appeal to support our work in the Democratic Republic of Congo. 

Read the full Sunday Herald report.

You can also support our ongoing work by donating in euro.

Time to act

The situation is changing rapidly and action is required now. This Reuters video shows the severity of the crisis.