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DR Congo: helping people in crisis

Conflict is still affecting thousands of people in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Thanks to our supporters, Concern Worldwide has been able to help some of the people most affected by the crisis.

 Patients wait for treatment at the Heal Africa Hospital in Goma. War-ravaged Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is one of the world€'s poorest and most dangerous countries.Our charity is working with the people who are suffering the most. Photo: Noel Gav

Conflict between armed groups in DRC has led to huge displacement since late last year. Some 130,000 people  were forced to flee their homes in North Kivu last November, in the wake of the eight day take-over of the capital Goma by the M23 rebel group.. The conflict has also led to serious human rights abuses. There have been reports of lootings, rapes, executions and recruitment of children into armed forces.

Charity work in DR Congo

Our teams are working hard to ensure the people affected by this conflict get the help they need. We held open fairs in February and provided people with vouchers or cash that can be exchanged for supplies. In this way, almost 4,000 families were helped. People used their vouchers to get items like seeds and tools, enabling them to begin rebuilding their lives.

Rebuilding roads

We have helped to ensure income for our beneficiaries through Cash for Work activities.  In Masisi in North Kivu, poor road access makes it difficult for vehicles to reach affected villages and for people to access markets. Concern pays a daily rate to beneficiaries to help rehabilitate the roads. A total of 1,821 people are participating in this and progress is good. at the end of March, maintenance work on 35km of roads had already been completed.

Essential supplies

Between 27 February and 4 March, our teams distributed essential supplies such as plastic sheeting, blanket and sleeping mats, kitchen sets, mosquito nets and soap. These were provided to people in the Bukombo, Kalinga, Lushebere and Bihito camps. These distributions reached a total of 4,310 people.

Another round of distributions took place in mid-March – this time we were able to reach 3,977 families.

Future plans

There is still a great deal of work to be done. Some of the areas affected by the conflict have not yet received help.

So, we’re continually doing assessments in order to identify what we can do to provide support in these areas. This could mean that our work in the DR Congo will soon be expanding to reach even more people.