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From Fast to Fastival

This year, the Concern Fast has gone all hip. Basically, Concern Fastival 2010 is the same as the Concern Fast of previous years, but this time with a twist. While you’ll still be going hungry for a fantastic cause, this year you get to do so in festival-style. It’s the fast that thinks it’s a festival.


Get involved

The point of the Fastival is still the same though: we need to raise €1 million to help stop malnutrition. And you can help in more ways than one: you can fast, get your friends to sponsor you, or get your family and friends to come and join in some of the great events, gigs and initiatives that are going on as part of the Fastival. 

What’s happening?

Loads of artists and bands have volunteered their talents and skills to be a part of the Fastival. An incredible line-up of events will be taking place in venues across the country. So, you’ll get to have a nice time with your friends, spread the word about doing your good deed and raise money to help stop world hunger.

Be a part of it

Sign up now on the Fastival site and see what else is going on.