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Floods in Afghanistan

Many people's lives are being affected by floods in Afghanistan. Concern Worldwide is there, providing the help that is so desperately needed. I was there and talked to two people – Dawlat and Abdullah – who are struggling to survive.

I was standing with Dawlat Mohammad, on what is essentially a vast, dried-up river bed. All across this part of northeastern Afghanistan, huge flood beds dissect the landscape. Dawlat gestured, "That is where the river used to run - a small stream most of the time. Now, the floods are wiping us out."

Destroyed homes

30-year-old Abdullah was away when a flood destroyed his home early last year. His then pregnant wife and three children just managed to escape.

Abdullah is taking his wife and children to safer ground. (Photo: Concern Worldwide)

They now live in a roughly repaired single room. He said:

We will not rebuild here. It’s too dangerous.

Rebuilding houses

Abdullah and his family are among the 63 families whose homes are being rebuilt by Concern Worldwide. Concern is also sponsoring projects to control and divert the floodwaters.

Long-term solutions

Enamullah Qazizadah, our programme coordinator, said:

We’re doing what we can to protect what is left. It’s an ongoing struggle and each year brings new challenges and new emergencies.

Long-term solutions are needed. Where we have carried out reforestation, terracing and other natural resource management techniques, the results have been good.

Struggling to survive

Soon, winter will be here and so too a thick blanket of snow. In the springtime, the floodwaters will return again to challenge the very existence of the people here for whom life is a constant struggle for survival.

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