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Focusing on clean water in Tanzania

Concern Worldwide is working with the EUcharity: water and other partners on a water and environmental health programme in Tanzania. 

We’re only in year two, but we are already seeing positive changes in the communities there. Here are just some of the people we’ve helped in Ngara.


Bernadette Reuben is a 55-year-old widow with seven children. We recently constructed a well near where she lives.

The well has already made a huge difference to Bernadette’s life as well as others in the community. She said: "We used to get water from a stream. It was dirty and contaminated. [But] the water is so good now. It is clean and it comes straight from the tap close to our home. We feel better".


Florence is 25 and lives with her husband and young son. We recently repaired a spring near where they live and have protected it to ensure that the water is clean. Here is Florence getting water from the spring:

A shared responsibility

Before the spring was protected, the only water near Florence’s village was very dirty and contaminated. Her family frequently got sick from it. Now, they benefit from the spring’s clean water and the community shares the responsibility of managing the spring. Florence said:

We feel better and collecting the water is so much easier as it comes out clean and ready to use. We use it for all kinds of things – drinking, cooking, bathing and washing.


Pauline is a 90-year-old widow who was living without basic sanitation. She was one of the most vulnerable members of her community. That’s why we chose to build a latrine in her garden.

We also provided her with training on how to keep her latrine clean and on other hygiene practices such as hand-washing at critical times. Here she is pictured in front of her new latrine.

Pauline in front of her new latrine with Jessica Phanuel (left) hygiene facilitator, Elliakim Yohan (roof) Hamlet Chairman, and Francisko Matina, Programme Officer REDESO. Photo: Mwanzo Millinga, Concern Worldwide.