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Food crisis looming in South Sudan


South Sudan is the newest country in the world, but it is among the most underdeveloped with 80 percent of its population living on less than one euro a day. It is currently faced with an ever-worsening food crisis. Concern Worldwide is responding to this emergency.

Plunged into crisis

Last July, a particularly bad drought was followed by erratic rainfall which seriously reduced crop yields and plunged many of the poorest people in South Sudan into crisis. It is estimated that the country will only produce about half of the food it needs in 2012—a situation that is being exacerbated by high food prices

Concern's overseas director, Paul O'Brien, recently visited South Sudan. Read his article about the deepening food crisis there.

Dangerously vulnerable

We are working in Northern Bahr El Gazal State, where more than three-quarters of the 800,000 population live below the poverty line. Child malnutrition rates swing in line with the availability of food after the harvest and the shortage of food pre-harvest. People are even more dangerously vulnerable this year due to the combination of additional factors such as droughts, high food prices, floods, livestock disease, crop diseases and delayed rainfall. 

Impossible choices

When forced to cope, the most vulnerable people are faced with impossible choices. Families are forced to skip meals, eat smaller portions, eat wild foods, sell their animals, take their children out of school and consume seed stocks. This seriously jeopardises their ability to survive through the next season and contributes to their extreme vulnerability.

Our charity work

We are working to prevent and treat malnutrition as well as building the resilience of the most vulnerable communities in South Sudan for the longer term.