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Global Hunger Index 2012

The 2012 Global Hunger Index report was published today. It states that unsustainable use of land, water and energy is threatening the availability of food for the world’s poorest people.

The report is called: “The Challenge of Hunger: Ensuring Sustainable Food Security under Land, Water, and Energy Stresses.” According to it, hunger is inextricably linked to growing pressure on land, water and energy resources. It was released in advance of World Food Day by International Food Policy Research Institute, Welthungerhilfe and Concern Worldwide.


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Hunger levels

According to the report, global hunger remains serious: 20 countries have levels that are “alarming” or “extremely alarming.” Two of the three countries with extremely alarming levels – Burundi and Eritrea – are in sub-Saharan Africa; the third country is Haiti. South Asia is the other region that continues to suffer from the highest levels of hunger.

Devastating effect on lives

There are many factors affecting poor people, including:

  • Water scarcity exacerbated by climate change
  • Growing scarcity and degradation of farmland
  • Impact of international land investments 
  • Rising global energy prices

What’s the solution?

Agricultural production must increase substantially to meet the demands of a growing and increasingly wealthy population. Yet, to avoid more stress on land, water, and energy resources, and to ensure that all have access to adequate food, that production must be sustainable and must prioritise the poor.