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Haiti: the rains have come

Despite the onset of some heavy rains, Concern’s work continues in Haiti. We are now helping 110,000 people there.

New settlement

One of the areas hit by torrential rain was Taberre Issa, a newly constructed settlement on the outskirts of town. We blogged about the preparations for this camp in a recent update.

As a result of the rain, tents were flooded and latrines were knocked over, but Concern’s teams responded immediately by repairing the damage. 

The camp

Overall though, the camp survived well in the heavy rains. It is now home to over 500 families, and has so far been successful. The community in the camp is receiving a lot of international attention too. Recent visitors included a high-ranking EU commissionaire, a US congressman, the EU Ambassador to Haiti and the US Ambassador to Haiti.

Promoting hygiene

Elsewhere, our water and sanitation team have been busy. They installed 41 latrines in Place de la Paix and Terraine Carrefour, two of the poorest areas in the city. 

In the Martissant area, we provided 20 hand-washing stations. Our team has also trained 41 people, who are now working to promote hygiene throughout the Saint Martin, Tabarre and Martissant areas. 

Our work with water and sanitation has reached a total of over 58,000 people. 


Over the past two weeks, we’ve been distributing much-needed items such as tarps, kitchen sets, blankets, tying ropes, mosquito nets, soap and jerry cans. Almost 5,000 families have benefitted from these recent distributions. 

Since the earthquake struck, we have distributed shelter and other non-food items to over 85,000 people. 

Child-friendly spaces

In April, attendance of Concern’s protected play areas increased to almost 6,500 children. Find out more about these child-friendly spaces – watch our video about this programme

Child nutrition

Concern has distributed plumpynut, a nutritious high-energy food, to nearly 150,000 children. On top of this, we've opened 10 centres for treating malnutrition. We've also tested over 7,000 children for malnutrition.