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Hurricane Isaac hits Haiti

Tropical storm Isaac hit Haiti on Saturday. Concern Worldwide’s teams are working hard to assess the damage and help the people affected. 

Fortunately, we were given notice about the storm 36 hours before it struck. This allowed us to pass information to communities, even in remote rural locations where there is no telephone coverage. Many people were relocated to safer buildings such as schools, where they were better able to weather the storm.

Assessing the damage

As soon as the eye of the storm passed, our teams were out collecting information and assessing the damage. 

Whilst these precautions have definitely had a positive effect, hundreds of people have lost their shelter and other belongings.

Charity work in Haiti

In co-ordination with the water authorities and other organisations, we are providing many people in Port au Prince with clean water. We’re also providing food for people on the western side of La Gonave island. 

In Saut d’Eau, we’re providing people with essential supplies. One of the people we helped was a lady who had given birth to a child during the storm.

Progress made 

In Haiti’s capital Port au Prince, tremendous progress has been made since the tragic earthquake of 2010. Eighty percent of those who had been forced to move to camps have now been relocated. This work is still on-going – over recent months, 10,000 people have been provided with new homes. 

Despite all these efforts, many still live in very precarious situations. 

Resisting disaster

As we know from experiences in other places like New Orleans, rebuilding after large disasters takes time. Much has been achieved, but we must continue working to ensure Haitians will be better placed to resist the country’s frequent natural disasters.