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Hurricane Sandy in Haiti

Hurricane Sandy hit Haiti on 23 October. As quickly as possible, Concern Worldwide’s teams were out collecting information and assessing the damage. We are now working hard to help the people affected. 

The hurricane brought torrential rains and flooding, causing serious damage to farming lands and crops, rural houses, roads and water systems. 54 people were killed and 18,796 people were relocated to temporary shelters.

Cholera risk

There has been a rise in the number of cholera cases, with 1,081 new cases reported in the first week after the storm. 61 cholera treatment centres were destroyed, reducing our ability to respond to this problem.

Assessing the damage

Hurricane Sandy has worsened problems caused by rising food prices, drought and Hurricane Isaac, which struck Haiti in August. According to a Nigel Fisher, the UN humanitarian coordinator in Haiti, these factors have weakened Haiti’s already fragile food supply and have left thousands of families too poor to buy enough food. 

Our charity work in Haiti

We are focusing our response on La Gonave Island, one of the poorest areas in Haiti. People on the island are in urgent need of cash to buy food and to stimulate their economy. Drinking water is needed and many homes need to be rebuilt. Seeds and tools must be provided to ensure there is a crop to harvest next season.