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ICT award nomination

Concern Worldwide has been shortlisted at this year’s ICT Excellence Awards in the category of “mobile technology project of the year” for innovations in digital data gathering. The winners will be announced on 16 May. 

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Improving traditional methods

Monitoring and reporting on the success of our programmes is an important part of our work and we carry out more than 150 surveys a year. Until recently, we used traditional paper-based methods to collect data but we were keen to improve the process by using mobile technology.

Higher standards

Our innovative digital data gathering process uses a cloud-based platform developed by PSI Mobile which allows us to gather data faster and more efficiently than paper-based methods. It also yields data that is both more reliable and of a higher quality.

We have also sourced technology to enable solar charging in the devices. Our staff who collect the data have been able to quickly and easily adapt to the new technology.

Pilot scheme

We piloted the digital data gathering process in Malawi in 2011 as part of our conservation agriculture project. This involved using mobile devices to survey farmers carrying out conservation farming methods such as land preparation, seeding and harvesting. The pilot scheme was a success and greatly improved the effectiveness of our work.

Huge impact

Concern’s Bernard Gaughan, head of information systems, said:

It is great to have the digital data gathering recognised on such a fantastic platform. The impact this ICT initiative has had on our field work has been phenomenal. The speed and accuracy of results allows us to produce and implement programmes to successfully address problems overseas.