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Improving lives: HIV in Tanzania

Concern Worldwide is helping people in west Tanzania with HIV to live more easily with their illness. We’re also working to end the stigma which can come with an HIV diagnosis.

Sauda’s story  

Sauda Ntakiteye lives in Kibondo District and lost six of her children to HIV. She was in danger of dying too because she wasn’t getting the nutrients needed for her HIV medication to work effectively. Stigma was also a problem: many of her relatives wouldn’t let their children near her for fear of infection.

Improved health

However, things began to change for Sauda in 2007 when she began working with our charity partner REDESO, and she learnt how to eat properly: 

REDESO told me I needed to eat vegetables, so they taught me how to grow them using big compost bags. Instantly I started to feel better, and my medicine worked. I grew strong and within a short period I was able to start farming again – maize, cassava and beans. I hadn’t been on my farm for years.

Farming techniques 

This was the start of several changes which Sauda says have made a huge difference to her life. She is now able to buy essentials like clothes with the surplus money she earns from selling her crops. She is using the farming techniques she has learned to pass on her knowledge to the wider community and has helped over 19 farmers in her area. 

Educating others 

She is also working to educate others who have been recently diagnosed with HIV. People in her area are now less likely to hide their HIV status, making it easier for them to get access to treatment. 

Sheer determination 

Thanks to her skill and determination, Sauda said: 

I am now a paraprofessional in this village...I work hard, and I can do anything.

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