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Life in a Masisi camp

Concern’s Jennifer Nolan recently visited the Democratic Republic of Congo, where Concern Worldwide is helping in overcrowded camps. While she was there, Jenn saw how basic supplies can make a big difference.


Over 20,000 people have been forced to flee terrifying violence in their villages and are now living in camps on the outskirts of Masisi. The camps are extremely overcrowded; some people walked for ten hours to reach them.

Nyirabashisi’s story

One of the women I spoke to was Nyirabashisi. She is heavily pregnant and has been in the camps since November. She had to flee her village with her children one terrible night, when she saw ten people get shot dead, including her best friend. It took her 24 hours by foot to get here and she arrived with no belongings.

 Bringing help

We distributed items including blankets, sleeping mats, cooking utensils, hygiene kits, water containers and female hygiene products and clothes. It was great to see Nyirabashisi and many other people smiling as they carried their items away. These basic supplies will keep families dry and healthy during these difficult times.