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Pakistan situation intensifies

Concern Worldwide is expanding its emergency response in Pakistan. We are now planning to help 500,000 people.

Eight million people are in immediate need and as the flooding continues the full scale of this disaster still remains to be seen. We are battling against time to avoid a potential nightmare scenario developing. It is therefore crucial to increase our response to target half a million people.

Emergency response

Building on our experience and presence in Pakistan since 2001, we are managing to get aid to people as quickly and effectively as possible. This is in spite of the fact that flood water remains rampant in many areas. We have significantly increased the number of people we are helping as part of our emergency response. We have also set up mobile medical clinics to treat and prevent the spread of the disease.

Devastating effects

If we don’t reach more people with aid immediately there will be devastating consequences such as starvation. There is also risk of a possible hunger emergency due to a lack of crops for food.

Unprecedented proportions

We would like to thank the public who have supported our emergency appeal so generously. The response required to meet the needs of this emergency is like nothing that has been experienced in Concern’s 42-year history. We therefore urge people to give what they can, even in difficult financial times here at home.

You can help: