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Reaching those in need

As the water recedes in the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province, relief activities have picked up. So far, we’ve helped 18,000 people.


In the past days, 800 families (6,400 people) in Charsadda district have received emergency packages from Concern. These contain:

  • Plastic sheets
  • Jerry cans
  • Blankets
  • Hygiene kits
  • Debris removal kits

Our programme officer, Saima Hafeez, said: “You can’t imagine [the people’s] relief, knowing that finally, someone had come to help them.”

A sea

Villagers from Charsadda shared their stories with us. Mohammad Ismail, from Tariqabad, has a family of eight. On the night of the flood, he sent his wife, children and elderly relations to higher ground hoping for the flood to pass. Quickly, it was realised that things were getting worse. 

Mohammad left his house and everything in it. For two days his family lived rough outdoors with nothing.  He described the situation:

When the flood came, it camouflaged the entire village, leaving but a sea. A sea of what used to be

Losing everything

Concern staff also spoke to some women from the village. Jamila and her husband have five children, and like others in the village, they lived in a mud house. When the floods came, the roof of their house collapsed, crushing everything inside.

Clean water 

Concern’s emergency response is well underway now. Water distribution has already started in Charsadda and Swat. Clean water has been distributed in five villages, benefiting 600 families (around 4,800 people). 

Medical treatment 

Our medicines have arrived in Charsadda too, and mobile medical teams have started work. 175 patients were treated in the first half day, and work continues. 


Ominously, flood waters are heading south and have so far affected eight districts in Punjab. We’ve moved contingency stocks from Balochistan to south Punjab, and distributed supplies to 400 families in Muzaffargarh. 


The situation in Pakistan is changing rapidly – I’ll send another update soon.