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Rebuilding Haiti: three years on

Thanks to your support, Concern Worldwide is continuing to help Haiti get back on its feet. 

Marie Maragareth Georges in 2012 who opened a shop and returned to her home in Port-au-Prince with Concern's support through the return to neighbourhood project. Photo: PA/Wire Niall Carson

Our work over the past three years, since the devastating earthquake of 2010, has so far helped transform the lives of nearly 600,000 Haitians.

Progress in 2012

With our “Return to Neighbourhoods” project, we continue to help people move out of the camps and back into communities. In 2012 we focused on two camps: Place de la Paix, a former soccer stadium, and Aisle Communal, both located in the capital Port-au-Prince.

Returning home

As of the end of November 2012, we have helped 8,505 people to leave the camps and return home. 
Our long-term approach to resettling people includes: 
  • Repairing homes and providing rental subsidies to families for one year
  • Providing training and cash transfers to help people set up small businesses once they have returned to their communities
  • Providing education vouchers to enable children to return to school
  • Providing clean water, sanitation and hygiene messages both in camps and in communities to which people are returning
  • Protecting vulnerable people, particularly women and children, from violence and rights abuses 

More work to be done

Place de la Paix camp before the Returns to Neighbourhoods project. Photo: Giulia Bazziga In 2013, with your support, we'll continue to help people rebuild their lives. Approximately 358,000 people still live in 496 camps and informal settlements since the earthquake hit.

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