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Regional action on climate change

A consortium of organisations concerned with climate change in the Bay of Bengal launched a new charter to offset its impact on vulnerable communities.

Launch event

The event took place in New Delhi, India, and was supported by Concern Worldwide, the United Nations Development programme and Climate Action Network South Asia.

The charter

The charter sets out the plans for building community resilience against the effects of climate change. It also outlines the actions needed to avoid or limit the damage from natural hazards in disaster-prone areas.

Communities under threat

The survival of millions of people living along the coast of Bangladesh, India, Myanmar and Sri Lanka is under threat. The region is prone to tropical cyclones, storm surges, coastal erosion and rising water levels. This is a cause of alarm for people who rely on the food, soil, water, shelter and energy around the Bay of Bengal for their survival.

Endorsing the charter 

More than 200 representatives from government, local and voluntary groups, the media, charities and academia endorsed the charter. It outlines the international policies and actions that are needed to offset the impact of climate change.  Speaking at the event, special guest and Irish ambassador to India, Feilim McLaughlin said: 

The increasing frequency of extreme events (presents) a challenge for all of us to minimise the loss due to such events…We need to maximise potential for local communities to make them resilient. The emphasis of the rights-based approach in amplifying the voice of the vulnerable and their ownership is absolutely correct. So is the emphasis on regional cooperation.

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