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Remembering east Africa crisis

In 2011, east Africa was hit by the worst drought in over 60 years. 12 million people in Kenya, Somalia, and Ethiopia were in urgent need of humanitarian assistance.

 Hannah, 10, giving the "thumbs up" at a food distribution in Ebinat, Ethiopia. Photo: Concern Worldwide, 2011.

Thanks to our supporters, Concern Worldwide was able to help over 800,000 people in the region. A new report looks back at our work during this time. 

Providing vital support

We responded to calls for support in east Africa with an urgent appeal. Thanks to the generosity of the public, we were able to provide food, water and vital supplies. We were also able to treat and prevent disease and malnutrition in these countries. 

Charity work in Ethiopia

In Ethiopia, the situation was made worse by extremely high food prices. Our emergency project was one of the largest in the country. Along with funds donated by the public, our work in Ethiopia was made possible through funds from the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC).  

Tackling hunger

Across 13 districts in Ethiopia, Concern tackled hunger and malnutrition by supporting local medical centres and providing emergency food. In some areas, we helped communities to access safe water and sanitation facilities. We also protected people from disease and provided seeds, medicines and food for livestock to help families get back on their feet.  

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