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Responding to Flooding in Pakistan

Widespread flooding in central Pakistan has so far claimed 451 lives and affected five million people. Concern Worldwide is targeting 28,000 of the worst affected people through its emergency response.

Widespread damage

Heavy monsoon rains and subsequent flooding is estimated to have damaged 460,000 houses across Pakistan with several areas of the country still under water. Almost 270,000 people are now living in displacement camps while others remain stranded in floodwaters awaiting rescue.

Disease and hunger

The problem of contaminated and stagnant water, which can lead to waterborne diseases like cholera and malaria, has become a major cause of alarm.  The loss of crops and grazing areas will also mean less food for the most vulnerable in the months ahead.

Concern in action

We are addressing the urgent survival needs of families in the provinces of Punjab and Sindh. Our initial response will focus on providing shelter and essential provisions to those displaced from their homes. Over the next three months, the relief operation will be scaled up to also include water and sanitation.

Working effectively

We have been working in Pakistan since 2001 and have established partnerships with local organizations. This has allowed us to deploy emergency stockpiles of hygiene kits and other survival items more efficiently.

Our response will focus on the following:

  • Distributing hygiene kits to 28,000 people
  • Distributing safe drinking water and installing water pumps
  • Providing emergency shelter kits for 2,000 families containing plastic sheets, bamboos and ropes
  • Providing essential items like blankets, jerry cans, mattresses and tarpaulins to 2,000 families
  • Installing and repairing 150 emergency latrines
  • Educating communities about improved hygiene practices

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