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Rubbish and human rights in Kenya


In Nairobi, 10,000 people – many of them children – try to make a living scavenging on a massive dumpsite. This situation is unacceptable. Concern Worldwide is working to change this.

Garbage and human rights

Along with our partners Kutoka Network and CESVI, we’ve launched a report about this. It’s entitled “Trash and tragedy: the impact of garbage on human rights in Nairobi City.”

The document highlights the plight of over 200,000 people who are adversely affected by the Dandora dumpsite. Read the full report.

Charity work in Kenya

Anne O’Mahony, Concern’s country director in Kenya, said:  

The location of the dump for the city of Nairobi in the middle of a dense urban population is unacceptable…The dump has to be closed and the site made safe for human habitation. We will have to work together with the Kenyan government to find alternative sources of employment and income for those currently living off the dump.

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