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Saving a baby's life in Ethiopia

Aster's baby daughter Dinkersh was diagnosed with severe malnutrition. Her life was in danger until, at a local health centre supported by Concern Worldwide, she got the treatment she needed. She has now made a full recovery.

Aster Adema and her daughter, Dinkersh Ermias at our charity feeding centre, Ethiopia

Aster Adema and her family live in Bebela Village, in the SNNP region of Ethiopia. Her husband, Ermias, is the guard at a local school. He earns just 250 birr (€10) a month.

Severly malnourished

Dinkersh, their youngest child, became ill in August this year. An outreach worker that was trained by us identified her as being malnourished. She was referred to a local health centre which had been equipped by Concern. There, she got the help she needed.

Hunger charity

Following her improvement, Dinkersh was transferred to our supplementary feeding programme. She received food that is specially made to treat malnourished children – it provided her with the nutrition she needed to put on weight.

Home treatment

One of the benefits of this treatment is that Aster and Dinkersh only need to visit the health centre every fortnight. During each visit, Dinkersh is weighed and her measurements are taken and recorded. Aster can bring the two-week supply of food home with them and does not have to be away from the rest of her family for long periods of time.

Health education

In addition to the on-going monitoring of Dinkersh, our teams are also teaching Aster about hygiene, food preparation and the prevention of malnutrition.

Full recovery

As Aster tells her story, there is a relieved smile on her face as she holds the lively, inquisitive little girl. Dinkersh's life was in danger. Now, thanks to supporters like you, she has made a full recovery.

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