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Show your concern and fast

Dublin city was covered in red scarves this morning telling Ilo’s story a Kenyan farmer who wraps a red scarf around her skinny body. Ilo often goes days without eating, doing whatever she can to try to forget about how hungry she is. Sometimes she chews on a small piece of bark.

Her red scarf helps too. The hungrier she gets, the tighter she pulls the scarf around her waist - it helps ease her hunger pangs for a short time.

Ilo’s story is like that of many other people who rely on one annual harvest to provide food until the next one. If this food runs out or if the rains that they hope for don’t come, the crops won’t grow and they face a hunger season before the next harvest.

Ilo is just one of the 900 million people, starving in the world every day. Every five seconds, a child in the developing world will die of hunger, which means that 17,000 children who were alive today will be dead tomorrow and that continues day after day after day. By the end of this week 120,000 children will have died from hunger and malnutrition, the equivalent of wiping out 10% of the population in Dublin in seven days.

Visit the Concern Fast site.