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South Sudan: life in a camp

The conflict in South Sudan has forced thousands of people to flee their homes. We’ve been speaking to some of the people at UN House, one of the camps for displaced people in Juba. Here’s what they had to say.



Sarahe and her family of six travelled from the town of Bor, where some of the fiercest fighting has taken place. She was exhausted.

It was really bad there in Bor. There was a lot of gunfire and there were many people dying. We walked for three days with nothing to eat, just to get away.


Fighting broke out shortly after Joseph arrived home to South Sudan from Kenya. He said he saw terrible things, including people dying. He is sheltering under a metal shipping container.

It is very dirty here and we are hungry, but we are glad to feel protected.


Mother of two Joslyn is staying at a camp called UN House. She feels safe, but her family are struggling to eat, and she is worried that without enough food, she won’t be able to breastfeed. She’s hoping for peace to come soon:

I am wishing for everyone to live in unity and for our country to have better human rights

Our response

We are distributing food to families in UN House camp (also called Juba 3), where Joslyn, Joseph and Sarahe are staying. We’re also screening and treating malnutrition.