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Syria: Abdul’s story

The war in Syria has forced millions of people from their homes. Where do they go? How do they survive? This is Abdul’s story.

Abdul and his family.

Abdul and family

Abdul Ahmed is 66 years old and has eight sons and over 60 grandchildren. He and his sons built their own retail business in the city they lived in. A year ago, Abdul and his family were forced to flee when their city came under attack. They had to run for their lives and leave their houses, shops and belongings behind. More than 100 of their friends and neighbours died in these attacks.

Finding safety

During their escape, Abdul’s family decided to return to an area where they had once lived. Now, they live with other families in a school building. One of his sons fled to Iraq and Abdul has not heard from him since.

Day-to-day living

Until recently, they lived on their savings and jewellery they sold. But, their savings are gone and now they rely on food aid from other people and the local council.

Life in the village

Where they live, there is no water or electricity and life is hard with little food. Abdul misses his old life in Syria has no idea if his home is still standing. He hopes things will improve so that he can go home.

Future hopes

Abdul doesn’t know what the future holds for him and his family. But, he does know he wants a return to peace.

*The names in this blog have been changed.