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A Syrian mother’s story

Mothers who have fled the Syrian conflict with their husbands and families have spoken out about their experiences. Concern Worldwide has been listening to their stories. Here is Josianne’s.


Josianne’s story

Josianne arrived in Lebanon four months ago. When she left her home in Syria, she was nine months pregnant and she needed to go somewhere safe to deliver her baby.

I was pregnant and about to have a baby, our village had a checkpoint. I was afraid of having my baby at night and that they would not let me pass the checkpoint [to reach the hospital].


At first, her family were forced to live in a disused school close to the Syrian border. At night they were terrified because of the shelling which was close by.  She said:

We were sitting together outside when they started to throw the bombs, the children started crying and women started screaming. We tried to hide behind the wall because our house is made of wood and it will burn quickly.

Later, Josianne and her family were moved to a location which was safer, but the experience has left them terrified of another attack. 

Life before the war

Josianne said that her life before the war was good. Her husband Milad worked at a transport company and earned a good salary.

We had official holidays on Friday and Saturday. Every Friday, we went on a picnic or to the mountains or rivers to make the children happy. When the war started, we lost everything. We don’t even know if we have a house now.

The family’s future

Her husband Millad is unable to work because of a bad back and Josianne is worried about the cold winter as they have no blankets. Because of this, the family’s future is uncertain, but she hopes the war will end soon so that they can return to Syria.

What we’ve done

We built latrines in the centre where Josianne and her family were staying. We also provided safe drinking water and a solar light.  

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