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Talking about charity

Are we close to eliminating poverty? Should charities spend more on fundraising? These questions were discussed in two interesting TED talks that were recently published online.

The good news on poverty

The first talk is by Bono, and features statistics on how aid has improved problems such as malaria, AIDS and the number of people living in extreme poverty.  If things carry on, he says, the number of people living in poverty could reach zero by 2030.

The way we think about charity

The second talk is by Dan Pallotta, a well-known fundraiser and activist. In it, he shares his ideas on how to improve the effectiveness of the non-profit sector. He argues that to solve global issues, charities should spend more money on spreading their message and be less afraid to take risks:

Our generation does not want its epitaph to read, ‘We kept charity overhead low.’ We want it to read that we changed the world.

What do you think of Dan Pallotta’s views? Should charities take his advice?