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Tanzania: owning the land

Concern Worldwide is working to ensure families in rural Tanzania gain ownership of their land. Now, thanks to your support, farmers like Thomas and Kaleta have had their lives transformed.

Thomas Vincent Maylinga (53) and Kaleta Sharaba Kabika (47) with their joint Land certificate, which our charity helped them to obtain.

Dependant on the land

There are 42 million people in Tanzania. Three quarters of these live in a rural areas and depend on farming as their main source of income and food. However, very few people actually own a land certificate to prove the land is theirs. This means they are vulnerable to losing their land.

So, we are working in nine districts in Tanzania to help get the poorest farmers a land certificate.

Meet Thomas and Kaleta

Thomas and Kaleta have been married since 1979 and have a farm together. They have recently received a land certificate in both their names.

Kaleta said:

We own the land, cultivate it and get food for our children. I would feel bad if my name was not on the certificate. If my husband died this would be a risk to me and my children. Another risk is that my husband could sell the land or rent it without my knowledge. Now, because the certificate is in both our names, it has to be a joint decision if we wish to sell or rent it...We feel secure.

No more conflict

Thomas echoes what we believe to be one of the key reasons for land tenure. He said:

I am more confident using the land and spending money on it because I know it is mine. So I can now invest in it. There are no more conflicts with neighbours because the boundaries are clear.

Charity work in Tanzania

A land certificate can give security to the poorest and most vulnerable people in Tanzania who rely on their land for income and food. It costs just €25 for one land certificate. This includes the whole process of training village land tribunals, land committees, surveying and processing certificates.

Your support makes a difference

A village has an average of 250 houses, so for around €6,250 an entire village can be secure in the boundaries of its land and improve the livelihoods of all the farming families living there.

Thanks to our supporters, around 10,000 farmers have recieved their land certificates. This has made an enormous difference to their lives.

More information

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