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Winter in Lebanon

One million Syrians are taking refuge in Lebanon, a figure that the United Nations says will grow to 1.5 million by the end of 2014.   
Informal Tented Settlement during the winter of 2013 in northern Lebanon, where Concern is working.

Harsh conditions at high altitute

Last winter, the harsh conditions at high altitudes became impossible for refugees living in makeshift shelters. In Akkar, northern Lebanon, where Concern Worldwide works, nearly 80% of the 94,540 refugees are women and children. They are struggling to survive. In winter at this altitude, snow, cold strong winds, heavy rains and freezing temperatures are common. It makes living here unbearable.

Makeshift shelters

Having fled Syria with little or no possessions, refugees constructed makeshift tents out of anything they could find. The harsh climate damaged tents and flooded camp sites, preventing people from accessing toilets and making sites impassable by foot. It also exposed people here to the threat of disease outbreaks.

Dealing with Winter

We reached 3,680 refugees at the end of 2013. This is what we did:

  • Laid drainage channels in three different sites to prevent saturation of tents
  • Built filtration drains to allow water to flow from flooded areas
  • Built a barrier at one camp entrance to block water
  • Renovated and insulated tent covers and weatherproof shelters with special kits
  • Installed street level solar lighting 
  • Distributed gas stoves, gas cylinders, monthly fuel vouchers, tarpaulins, thermal blankets and waterproof footwear for children

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