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Women farmers in Tanzania

Concern Worldwide has joined with the European Union  to launch a new project supporting Tanzania’s women small-scale farmers.

Rural regions

Almost four billion Tanzanian shillings (€1,772,420) are being allocated to the project. Thousands of women in rural regions will benefit, improving land rights, agricultural production, livelihoods and economic opportunities.

Women’s land rights

The programme was launched on 7 May in our offices in Tanzania. Our aim is to advance women’s rights and increase their decision-making in households, communities and districts. The programme is expected to:

Improve agricultural production

  • Improve access to credit for women and men through community credit schemes
  • Ensure participation of marginalised citizens in village planning
  • Fight gender discrimination
  • Give at least 6,000 land certificates to couples and female headed households

Watch the video below for more on land certificates and what they mean to communities.

Increasing women’s status

Deputy Minister for Community Development Gender and Children, Ummy Ali Mwalimu, attending the launch of the programme, said:

Land is a vital asset for women. It protects them, gives them security and increases their economic status. Working with district and village land councils and households to ensure that women not only get their name on the land certificates but actually contribute meaningfully to decisions made on that land is a valuable but extremely difficult task.

Eradicating poverty

Ambassador of the European Union in Tanzania, Filiberto Cerioni Sebregondi added:

The European Union, also firmly believes that there can be no poverty reduction without gender equality. Gender equality in land rights is thus both a livelihood objective in itself and a powerful means of eradicating poverty

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