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World Refugee Day

Today, 20 June, Concern is marking World Refugee Day with a focus on the children of Lebanon, home to more than one million refugees who have fled conflict in Syria.
This World Refugee Day, Concern Worldwide is focusing on children in Lebanon. Image: Concern Worldwide, 2013.

Concern Worldwide would like to pay tribute to the refugee children of Syria. Today, they number more than 500,000 in Lebanon.

Salma's story

“Salma” (true identity withheld) is 13 and originally from Kosayr, Syria. For more than one and a half months she's been living in one of the Concern-run collective centres in Lebanon. 

Fleeing Syria

Salma, her four siblings and parents fled Syria a year ago, crossing the mountainous borders into Lebanon to escape the fighting and bombing in her village. 

Future hopes

After her family's house was demolished, they were homeless with nowhere to turn. Even though Salma feels that living in a collective centre is better than the circumstances that made her flee, she yearns to return again to her school, friends and home in Syria.

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