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You won’t believe these seven things fight poverty

You’ll be amazed by the everyday objects and smart ideas helping people build a better life.

Akol Atak Akol (15 months) waiting for treatment at the Marial bail Stablisaton Centre in Aweil West, South Sudan. Credit: Jennifer O'Gorman/Concern


Mothers who can breastfeed their children often give them a better start a life. See what happened when we helped Mary do just that.

Power tools

You’ll find plenty at the boatyard in the Philippines where fisherman Jonel learned new carpentry skills after a typhoon. Now he can repair boats in his community, including his own. This keeps him on the water and earning a living.

Sweet potatoes

They’re not just delicious – they’re packed with nutrition that helps children grow properly. They’re dead easy to cook too. Read more about sweet potatoes and four other life-changing foods. Farmers in Aweil, South Sudan, with a donkey bought through a farmer's group supported by Concern Worldwide. Photo credit: K Carroll/Concern Worldwide


Carrying goods to market, carrying water from the well, and even fertilizing fields: the humble donkey does it all. See why this mighty animal deserves a bit more credit.

Solar power

When an earthquake caused dangerous power cuts in Nepal – or families in Tanzania need clean, safe drinking water – solar power can help. See how this clever technology is in use around the world.


In Zambia, specially trained farmers are spreading new techniques that will lead to bigger harvests. That means better diets for them and their families, and more crops to sell at market. But how do these farmers reach their neighbours to pass on the information? Pedal power is the way to go.

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