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“The story is there is no story”

“The crisis in Pakistan is an unprecedented human drama, yet few in the wider world are paying attention.”

So writes Paul O’Brien, Concern’s overseas director, in last Saturday’s Irish Times.

Frustrating and dissapointing

He goes on: “The story is there is no story. The question is ‘why?’…As overseas director for Concern, I find this lack of interest frustrating and hugely disappointing. We have tried to raise the Irish public’s awareness of this tragic movement of people in Pakistan by drawing attention to this story and we have had little or no success, and not from want of trying.”

Read Paul’s article here.

Vital assistance

This indifference in the media is being translated into what Concern and eight other UK aid agencies are calling "the worst case of funding in a decade.” Despite this lack of funds, Concern has so far managed to assist 22,400 people who have been displaced from their homes.

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