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28 days later

I had to return to New York last week to ensure that our programmes in other countries were being looked after. It was a difficult decision to make nearly a month after the earthquake.

I felt like I was abandoning our team and the country of Haiti. But unfortunately, time waits for no one.

Telling the story

I haven’t had time to sit still since my return. I have been trying to tell people what it was like in Haiti.

Generous supporters

As part of this, I flew to Chicago to speak at the Irish Consul General’s residence to a group of engaged, interested and generous Concern supporters. It was quite surreal to go from the grim reality of Haiti to the plush surroundings of Chicago.

However, what Haiti needs is continued support from the international community and there are an abundance of charitable people looking to help.

On the outside

I am now on the other side of the fence looking into Haiti and trying to keep abreast of what Concern and other like agencies are doing. I’m reading my colleagues’ blogs and am following them on Twitter. I remember how laborious the days were and think how tired the team must be, nearly one month on.

Heavy heart

The pace is rapid and unrelenting. The stories from the field are hard-hitting and it is with a heavy heart that I read them – Pierre the malnourished orphan brought me to tears. “He didn't have the strength to grab my finger but his eyes grab my soul and seem to ask why,” my colleague tweeted.

Work continues

But, the Haiti team don’t complain. They work tirelessly to get the information out to us. For Concern, the distributions continue: water, food, baby tents, latrines and more.

In New York, it is difficult to express just how bad it is in Haiti and how far apart these worlds are.