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Acknowledging progress in Haiti

On the second anniversary of the Haiti earthquake, Concern Worldwide has expressed disappointment at the negative focus of some media coverage regarding the aid effort in Haiti.

Since the 2010 earthquake, Concern Worldwide and other charities have made significant progress in Haiti and this has not been accurately reflected in the media. Some media criticism of the slow pace of the Haiti aid effort has been largely unreasonable and unrealistic.

Massive blow

The earthquake was a massive blow to an already deeply impoverished country. Concern has been in Haiti since 1994. We know the depth of poverty and deprivation that existed before the earthquake and the devastating impact the disaster itself had on the country.

Public assistance to Haiti

There has been significant progress and there are real signs of hope, but this is not being conveyed in a balanced way. The Irish public, who donated with exceptional generosity and with real humanity, have contributed hugely to assisting the Haitian people affected by the earthquake.

Real achievements

Within a relatively short space of time, the rebuilding and recovery of Haiti has come a long way. Of the 1.5 million people who were sheltering in camps, one million have moved out of the camps, many back to their communities.  %%STATS%% Around 400,000 people have been employed in jobs like rubble clearance and land irrigation, which has had a positive effect on the economy. More than half of all rubble - some five million cubic metres of it - has been cleared.

Rebuilding a better Haiti

There is now a new government in place and everyone involved in the aid effort is focused on “building back better” in Haiti. This gives us a real sign of hope that Haiti will fully recover from the 2010 earthquake, but in a realistic timeline of 10 to 15 years, not two or even five.

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