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Appealing to Copenhagen

The largest and what is being considered the most important UN climate conference opens today 7 December. To coincide with this, 56 national newspapers in 45 countries are sharing a common editorial – an appeal to Copenhagen.[[{"type":"media", "view_mode":"full", "fid":"11101", "attributes":{"alt":"\u0026lt;--break-\u0026gt;", "title":"", "class":"media-image", "typeof":"foaf:Image", "wysiwyg":1}}]]


It is a sign of the importance and urgency facing us that papers with different national and political viewpoints can unite behind one common theme. Hopefully the representatives from 192 countries attending the conference can do the same, taking critical action.

In pictures

The effects of climate change are becoming more apparent, with those in the developing world feeling the impact. 

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