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Award for nutiriton in Bangladesh

Concern Bangladesh is one of several organisations from across South Asia that have won a grant from the World Bank’s Development Marketplace. This is a highly competitive grant programme that identifies and funds innovative, early-stage projects with potential for impact in development.

Family and community

This year’s competition was called “Family and Community Approaches to Improve Infant and Young Child Nutrition.” The winners received up to $40,000 each to promote new ways to combat malnutrition in children and infants under two years old.

The winners

60 organisations were shortlisted from over 1,000 applicants, from six countries in South Asia. The winners were announced at Bangabandhu Conference Centre, Dhaka on 5 August and will have 18 months to implement their proposed projects.

High rates of malnutrition

Even though South Asia has experienced high economic growth in the past decade, it still has the  largest numbers of undernourished children globally.

Also, over a third of adult women in Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan are underweight.

Investment in nutrition

Isabel Georrero, World Bank vice president for South Asia spoke at the inaugural ceremony, “Investing in nutrition brings much visible and perhaps the largest social impact as it is an investment in human beings.”


This initiative was supported by UNICEF, the World Food Programme, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, PepsiCo, the Micronutrient Initiative, GTZ (Germany) and the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition.