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Bombs away

At around 8pm in Dublin last night, more than 100 countries agreed to stop using cluster bombs. This has been met with widespread approval in the media. The ban is the result of a conference organised by the Cluster Munition Coalition (CMC), a group of non-governmental organisations of which Concern is a member.

Cluster bombs spread dozens and even hundreds of smaller bombs over a wide area. While these bombs are designed to explode on impact, they frequently do not. Civilians, particularly children, are often maimed or killed when they pick up unexploded bombs, sometimes years later.

"We are confident that governments will make the right decision and adopt a ban with no exceptions, no loopholes and no delays. This is what is needed to do justice to the victims of this weapon and to stop the maiming and killing of generations to come," CMC coordinator Thomas Nash said.

Some of the world's main producers and stockpilers have opposed the move. However, campaigners around the world – and this includes any of you that signed the petition – should feel proud today. Thanks to this ban, the world is a safer place.